用电影版的 Lin-Manuel米兰达的音乐 在高地 该片将于6月10日上映, we can’t help recalling Poly’s own vibrant 2016 production about the characters who make up a close-knit Washington Heights community. 让它更令人难忘, 就在那年的时装秀之前, Mir而且a gave a virtual masterclass in the Richard Perry 的atre for the cast, answering questions about their characters shortly before the presentation of the 上学校 musical.

朱利安·麦克布莱德,16年 而且 克里斯汀·海恩斯16岁 competed in the Roger Rees Excellence in High School 音乐al 的atre Performance Awards that spring. 海恩斯演唱了她的独唱《澳门银河官网》 在高地.

桑娅Baehr,谁执导的 在高地, 并报告说,海恩斯, 谁是十强之一, 被奖励了5美元,刘post音乐剧项目奖学金万. Haynes went on to 的 Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of 音乐 that fall 而且 McBride went to Brown University.


Julian McBride, who played Usnavi de la Vega, recalled, “One of my favorite memories from 在高地 是我们周日晚节目里的吗. 情绪高涨, because for many of our seniors this is the last time we’re doing the songs for our last show on this stage. 我刚刚在台上和 米凯拉(Rodriguez)她在剧中毫不费力地扮演了妮娜,来演唱我们的歌曲 我知道的一切, where I leave halfway through 而且 she delivers the climax of the song solo to the audience. 我是另一个在侧翼的演员, 看着她全身心投入最后的表演, 我感到无比自豪. 在观众起立鼓掌后, 她来到机翼, 给我一个温暖的微笑, 把我拉过去紧紧拥抱. She reminds me of how far we’ve come, how it all started when we played Danny 而且 S而且y in 油脂 八年级的时候. 我告诉她,‘我不能哭. 在我们向他们道别之前不会。.”

“It’s a moment I remember because it reminds me of how these musicals were more than after-school activities,麦克布莱德说. “我们真的像家人一样互相关心.”


在高地 从任何意义上来说,剧组都是一家人。 16年的加比·罗森布鲁姆. “我们一起工作,彼此深爱. If I had to pick one thing it would probably be the fact that we used to go out for dinners at a hibachi restaurant 而且 we always would pretend it was someone’s birthday. 他们给了我们这个陶瓷佛像来庆祝. 有一天,我们决定给他起名叫肯尼, 我们每人带他回家过了一夜, 而且 took turns writing notes 而且 leaving them in Kenny for the next cast member to enjoy. 演出结束后,我们还在继续这样做. By the end of the year we had a collection of probably 40 notes each containing hilarious things from every member of the cast. 我太想念了.”

《澳门银河官方赌场》 was instrumental in helping me grow,” as an actor, singer, 而且 dancer.” 

麦克布莱德说, “这是我第一次在高中音乐剧中担任主角, 所以这对我的要求比以往任何时候都要高. Singing-wise, 我没有比这个角色更适合我的长处了, 第一次既会唱歌又会说唱. So I was able to stay within a comfortable range while also getting to explore 而且 experiment with the depth of my voice. 作为一名舞者, the show added many of the different Latin American styles to my repertoire—the salsa 而且 meringue especially!”


作为一名演员,麦克布莱德说, “Usnavi was a character with a lot of hidden depth: survivor’s guilt for making it to the U.S.; longing for his family in the Domincan Republic; his sense of responsibility to the community in Washington Heights, 这些感觉是相互矛盾的. 在所有的色彩和音乐中, 在高地 有严重的情感重力. 所以我觉得自己在成长, 尤其是和其他主演一起演小场面的时候, 了解乌斯纳维动机的细微差别.”

另一位演员, 特雷弗·努涅斯17分, said, “Since leaving Poly I have joined the Latin 跳舞 troupe at my university called 昂达拉丁. Joining the troupe allowed me to continue to perform at a high level for the Penn 而且 Philadelphia community while also serving as an artistic outlet of self-expression. Now as a recent graduate I plan to continue to create space in my life for the performing arts, 尤其是舞蹈和运动. “ He added that the confidence he developed on the Poly stage have helped him in the arena of public speaking 而且 advocacy. 作为一名有抱负的律师和公众倡导者, 我知道这些技能将在我的职业生涯中继续发挥作用.” 

Rosenbloom majored in theatre arts at 的 University of Miami 而且 graduated during the p而且emic in May of 2020. “In school I performed in eight shows, with roles including 的 Witch in 走进森林凯西在 过去五年,维多利亚在 戴帽子的混蛋妈妈.” She is now the Marketing Director 而且 Executive Producer of a virtual theatre company called Russo Richardson. “My double major was in Public Relations 而且 upon graduation I founded my own full-service PR company, GBR创意. 我很幸运能够同时从事我所选择的两种职业.”

“What I learned at Poly in the theatre department,” Rosenbloom said, “I carry with me to this day.”


“的 primary thing, though, was the importance of being an ensemble. If your cast can’t operate like a team, it’s not going to succeed. Every show I did at Poly—from student theater to mainstage shows—that lesson rang through.”

“Poly almost over-prepared me for the performing arts in college because it taught us the habits of professional-level performing at a very young age.”

“Poly almost over-prepared me for the performing arts in college,麦克布莱德解释道, “because it taught us the habits of professional-level performing at a very young age. 的 Poly 表演艺术 Department has always been special to me because of my relationships with the faculty, 也因为我们的训练水平让人印象深刻. Ms. 索尼娅·贝尔(桑娅Baehr)将戏剧艺术推向前台和中心的能力, 围绕节目构建世界, before even reading lines showed how well she understood the practice of acting. Steven, our beloved choreographer, brought many of the moves for our show from the actual 在高地 百老汇表演! Mr. 勇敢的, who has such a fine underst而且ing of technique 而且 treating the voice like an instrument, 他像专业合唱队一样带领我们, 和我们中的许多人一起工作, 而且非常精确, 让我们的声音展现出最好的一面.”


“At Brown, I jumped into theatre right at the start of my freshman year! That fall, I had the joy of playing Walter Younger in an adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry’s, 阳光下的葡萄干. 在那个春天, I then participated in an original musical written 而且 directed by a senior for their thesis titled 回到小镇, centered around a musical community in New Orleans’ 9th Ward recovering from Hurricane Katrina.”

“布朗大学的那年秋天,麦克布莱德继续说道, “我还加入了一个名为Shades of Brown的无伴奏合唱团体, a group that made music rooted in African-American styles like neo-soul, R&B、嘻哈. 在那里的四年里,我一直和这个乐队一起演出, 他们很快就成了我校园里的第二个家. We all still keep in touch to this day, 而且 you can see me performing with them in videos on our YouTube页面!”